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FreeBSD Device Listing - Unix Devices Codes(TM)


ad0     ATAPI (ATA/IDE) Hard Drive (First)
ad1     ATAPI (ATA/IDE) Hard Drive (Second)
ad_     ATAPI (ATA/IDE) Hard Drive (______)
acd0     ATAPI (ATA/IDE) CDROM / DVD Drive (First)
acd1     ATAPI (ATA/IDE) CDROM / DVD Drive (Second)
acd_     ATAPI (ATA/IDE) CDROM / DVD Drive (_____)
mcd0     Mitsumi CDROM / DVD Drive
matcd0     Matsushia / Panasonic CDROM / DVD Drive
scd0     Sony CDROM / DVD Drive
da0     SCSI Direct Access Hard Drive (First)
cd0     SCSI CDROM Drive
ata0     ATA device bus (First)
ata1     ATA device bus (Second)
fdc0     Floppy Drive Controller
fd0     Floppy Drive
cs0     Ethernet card - Crystal Semiconductor CS89x0 Compatible
dc0     Ethernet card - DEC/Intel 21143; 82c168,9 PNIC 10/100BaseTX Compatible
de0     Ethernet card - DEC DC21x40 PCI Compatible
ed0     Ethernet card - WD & SMC 80xx; Novell NE1000 & NE2000; 3Com 3C503; HP PC Lan+ Compatible
ep0     Ethernet card - 3Com 3C509 Compatible
ex0     Ethernet card - Intel EtherExpress Pro/10 Compatible
fe0     Ethernet card - Allied-Telesyn AT1700, RE2000 and Fujitsu FMV-180 series Compatible
fxp0     Ethernet card - Intel EtherExpress Pro/100B and Intel PRO/100+ Management Compatible
ie0     Ethernet card - AT&T StarLAN 10 and EN100; 3Com 3C507; NI5210; Intel EtherExpress (8/16,16[TP])Compatible
le0     Ethernet card - Digital Equipment EtherWorks 2 and EtherWorks 3 Compatible
lnc0     Ethernet card - Lance/PCnet cards (Isolan, Novell NE2100, NE32-VL, PCnet-PCI Compatible
rl0     Ethernet card - RealTek 8129/8139 Fast; Dlink Compatible
sf0     Ethernet card - Adaptec AIC-6915 Fast Compatible
sis0     Ethernet card - SiS 900/SiS 7016 Fast Compatible
sn0     Ethernet card - SMC 91xx Compatible
ste0     Ethernet card - Sundance ST201 Fast Compatible
ste0     Ethernet card - TI TNET100 ThunderLAN Compatible
tx0     Ethernet card - SMC 9432 Epic Fast Compatible
wb0     Ethernet card - Winbond W89C840F PCI Compatible
vr0     Ethernet card - VIA VT3043/VT86C100A PCI Compatible
vx0     Ethernet card - 3Com 3c59x Fast Etherlink III Compatible
xl0     Ethernet card - 3Com 3c9xx, 3cSOHO100 Fast Etherlink XL Compatible
eth0     Ethernet card - Linux Code (NOT FreeBSD)
miibus0     MII bus on Ethernet Card
ukphy0     Generic IEEE 802.3u media interface
psm0     P/S2 Mouse
ums0     USB Mouse
mse0     MS Compatible Bus Mouse
sio0     Serial I/O port (First)
sio1     Serial I/O port (Second)
npx0     Numeric Processor (usually on CPU)
pci0     PCI bus on Motherboard (First) {Frequently a PCI video card}
pci1     PCI bus on Motherboard (Second)
pcib0     PCI bus Bridge on Motherboard (First)
pcib1     PCI bus Bridge on Motherboard (Second)
vga0     VGA video card
agp0     Accelerated Graphics Port on Motherboard
drm0     Video Card
apm0     Advanced Power Managment logic on BIOS Chip
acpi0     Advanced Configuration and Power Interface on BIOS Chip
uhci0     USB - Universal Serial Bus Host Controller Interface (First)
uhci1     USB - Universal Serial Bus Host Controller Interface (Second)
usb0     USB port (First)
usb1     USB port (Second)
uhub0     USB root hub
ohci0     Universal Serial Bus Host Controller Interface
fwohci0     FireWire Open Host Controller Interface
cbb0     PCI CardBus Bridge
isab0     ISA-PCI Bridge
isa0     ISA Bus
adv0     SCSI Adapter - AdvanSys Narrow
adw0     SCSI Adapter - AdvanSys Wide
amd0     SCSI Adapter - AMD 53C974 (Tekram DC390(T))
ncr0     SCSI Adapter - NCR PCI
bt0     SCSI Adapter - Buslogic
aha0     SCSI Adapter - Adaptec 154x/1535
ahb0     SCSI Adapter - Adaptec 174x
ahc0     SCSI Adapter - Adaptec 274x/284x/294x
aic0     SCSI Adapter - Adaptec 152x/AIC-6360/AIC-6260
isp0     SCSI Adapter - QLogic
dpt0     SCSI Adapter - DPT RAID
amr0     SCSI Adapter - AMI MegaRAID
mlx0     SCSI Adapter - Mylex DAC960 RAID
wt0     Tape Drive - Wangtek and Archive QIC-02/QIC-36
atkbdc0     AT keyboard controller
atkbd0     AT keyboard
kbd0     Keyboard
ppc0     Parallel Port Controller
ppi0     Parallel Port I/O controller
lpt0     Line Printer
sc0     System Console
lo0     Loopback Interface

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