The 'Original Digger'
(The gardener's best friendtm)

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Avoid kneeling or squatting.

Dig as deep as 5 feet

Allows digging in an upright position, reducing bending over--great relief for your lower back.

Dig very close to a wall or fence.

Can dig a hole in an inclined or vertical surface.

Can reach a distant target to remove a dead plant without damaging the others.

Save a great deal of filling material when digging post holes.

Allows you to dig carefully when working near gas, water or power lines.

Using both hands to rotate the handle, cut the soil.  Then scoop out the loosened soil:   

      dig-ani22.gif (11197 bytes)-


Fig1-4.gif (3452 bytes)

Fig2-6.gif (3676 bytes)
View of Inside of Scoop
Full View
Fig3-5.gif (3506 bytes)
View of Outside of Scoop
Fig4-5.gif (4832 bytes)
Side View

Detailed Description:

The Original Digger is a patented, spoon-like shovel, developed for garden and patio lovers, gardeners, and landscapers.  It is extremely useful for gardening, lawn maintenance and all other activities that require digging.

The Original Digger has an 'L' shaped handle that is 5 feet in length.  It is made from 2.5 Lbs. of excellent American steel painted Colonial Red.  

The scoop part of the Original Digger has a glossy black color and a sharpened edge that is firmly welded to the handle using the MIG welding process.

For More Pictures:

Price: Only $21.65 (tax included) each plus $8.25 Shipping and Handling.  Total: $29.90.   We use USPS / Priority Mail which usually takes 3 to 5 days for delivery.  Volume buyers: please inquire about volume discounts.

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