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History will most likely record the World Wide Web as the greatest technological innovation of the 1990's.  Millions of people now have access to millions of computers that store information, photographs, sounds, and video.  This quick, easy access to all different types of information will allow people to fulfill their desires with a significantly lesser amount of effort.

With a free flow of information, the competition of the free market system will be highly efficient.  Buyers or products and services will be able to get the best value for their money.

Provided below are a number of links to click on to gain a basic overview of the Internet.  However, since the most basic tool for navigating the World Wide Web is the search engine, a very basic, but useful tutorial is shown here:

1.  The first step is to phrase your question.   Think about exactly what you want to find.  For example: 

     'How do I find out the best way to have great looking rose bushes in the Spring?'

2.  Now look for the most significant words, put them in order, and eliminate the rest:

     'rose bushes best'

3.  Now add some related terms.  You may have to think a bit about this:

     'rose roses bush bushes garden gardening fertilizer best'

4.  Now submit it to a search engine.  At this writing (1999 January), probably the best search engine for the Web is Inference Find.  For the newsgroups it is DejaNews.  (Both can be found at the Start Page

Here are some more examples:

     'Where do I find out about goat breeding or buying goat fleece if I live in Oregon?'


     'goat breeding breeders fleece oregon'


     I am looking for someone to program an inventory control program in FoxPro for my
     business that is located in Iowa


     'FoxPro database programmer programming Iowa'

Hopefully, you get the idea by now.  It is probably best to use more search words first.  If you don't get enough results, you may want to throw out the least significant words and then search again.

It was a short course, but now you know how to do a search better than most people on the 'Net!

Good Luck!

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