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We've attempted to compile a complete list of questions and answers about web design.  Included are basic as well as advanced questions.

If you have any other questions, please contact us: Web Design Inquiry

• What is a web page?

A web page is a document found on the World Wide Web and may be composed of text, graphics, and links to other pages known as 'hyperlinks'.  A web page is usually one page of a collection of pages that are known as a website.
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• What is a website?

A website consists of multiple pages linked to one another.  Each one of these pages is commonly known as a web page.  Websites can be viewed on the Internet, like the website you are currently viewing, or limited to an intranet, such as a network within a company.
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• What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink is a technique that allows you to quickly redirect to a different place in the document that you are viewing or a different place on the Internet altogether.  It may underlie text or graphics.  When your mouse pointer is in the "hot" area of a hyperlink a "small pointing hand" is usually displayed.  When you click on the hyperlink your browser will take you to another area of the web page, the website, or an entirely different location on the Internet.
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• Why does my business need a website?

Your website can:

  1. Provide information and promote sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week

  2. Level the playing field between your business and competitors

  3. Increase your ability to communicate with your customers

  4. Enhance customer/brand loyalty

  5. Add to your credibility with your customers

Your customers - and potential customers - are using the Web to obtain information, buy products, and establish relationships with businesses.  Shouldn't they be coming to you instead of your competitors?
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• I have a small business.  What if I don't want to sell online?

There may be people who are curious about your business, but have never walked through your door because they simply haven't made the time.  By providing access to your business online, these potential customers can learn about your product line, business hours, customer service policies, etc., all in the privacy of their home or office - they might just take a few moments to call, email or visit your shop the next time they have a need for the products you provide.

Even a small business has the potential to save in customer service costs by providing elementary information such as hours of operation, location and contact information.  You can also display a list of frequently asked questions and answers, a calendar of upcoming events, job openings, etc.

Another advantage of a website is hosting an email list.  By allowing your customers and potential customers to subscribe to your email newsletter, you can inexpensively inform them of upcoming sales and promotions.  An email list allows you to educate customers about the specifics of the products or services that you sell in a timely fashion.
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• I'm just starting out in business, can you develop a website for me?

We know how important it is to develop a presence on the Internet.  We will work with you to develop an attractive site within your budget.  The design can encompass avenues for expansion as your business grows.
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• What else do I need to have a website?

You will need an Internet Service Provider (ISP), a hosting provider, and a domain name.
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• Are you an ISP or a web hosting service?

We specialize in creating websites and in web hosting.  We work with your existing ISP.
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• Can you help me select an ISP or domain name?

Yes, we can recommend an ISP and take care of domain name necessities for your site.
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I already have a website.  Can you update it?

We not only generate original websites, we can revamp or update existing sites.  It may be time for a second generation website, or time to replace outdated information.  We can help.  Let us know what your needs are.
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How much does it cost to setup a website?

For a professionally produced website, the cost can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.  These prices can vary depending on the complexity and features of the site.  For ecommerce/shopping cart sites, the base cost is $1,000 and increases with additional features and custom programming.

Here is a breakdown of the costs:

1.  Site Design:  $350 and up

1st page: $350
per addl. page: $120
This assumes all copy is provided by you and is spell and grammar checked.  (Additional required copy writing and editing done at $60 / hour).

Scans of photographs take about 15 minutes and are billed at our regular rate of $60 / hour.  (It's usually much less expensive to request a CD-ROM when you get your photos developed).

2.  Domain Name Registration (billed separately by a domain name registration company): $15 or less annually

3.  Server Setup for your domain name (one-time charge) : $25

4.  Domain Web Hosting for a small site (6 Months @ $15/mo.): $90
(Only $10/mo. if paid 12 months in advance)

(Future modifications, design, programming and other work done at $60 / hour).

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How many pages will I need?

Every business has different needs. We will work with you to determine how many pages you need after learning more about your company and its method of operation and goals.  We have clients with sites consisting of a single page and others whose sites are over 1000 pages.
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What do you need from me?

This is your website so we need your input to make it achieve you want it to achieve.  We work with you to take your ideas, dreams, plans, etc., and using our technological abilities, put a website together that is functional and attractive.

We may need logos, photos, brochures, flyers, newsletters or other artwork that identify your business.  If possible, we would prefer you to outline what the text of the pages should say -- you know your business better than we do.  We work with you to add ideas and strategies to create an optimal website.  Our goal is to do the best possible job for you -- your satisfaction is important to our success.
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How do I get started?  What should I do next?

Complete our information form or email us at Info@US-Webmasters.com  
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Do I have a say in what my website looks like?

Definitely!  As a matter of fact we insist on it.  Your website should reflect your company properly.  We want to convey that impression to everyone who visits your website.

As your site is being created, we will publish it to the Web, so that you can give us your input during the design process.
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How long will it take to have my website created?

What usually takes the longest is gathering the necessary information.  Once we have the material we need it goes quickly. Most sites are up within two to four weeks.
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Can I change the content of my website?

Yes.  If you choose to allow us to perform your site maintenance, simply send us your changes and we will update your site.  Simple text alterations or additions are performed at the most reasonable rates available.  More substantial changes such as page re-design will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
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Can I maintain my website myself?

It's been our experience that HTML and web design is not as easy as it appears to be at first glance.  Getting the pages to look right in all browsers; getting images to view properly and load quickly, are skills we have developed over the years.  Other factors such as designing the pages optimally for search engines, and quick loading are taken into consideration.

With an ecommerce site, adding and deleting items, price changes, etc.  are built into the design of the site.  Overall design and functionality modifications are handled by us.

If you would like to design and maintain your own site, we'll be glad to host it for you.  As time permits, we can consult with you at our regular rate.
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What will my website address be?

Your Web address will look something like:
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Will everyone see my website the same?

Users will see some things displayed a little differently depending on their browser and screen resolution setting. We design sites with that in mind and preview them in several browser types and resolution settings before publishing.
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Who actually owns my website?

You are the owner of your website.  When we register your domain, the person you designate will be listed as the owner, as well as the administrative and billing contacts.
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How will people find my website?

We submit your site to the major search engines and encourage you to put your World Wide Web address on everything you can, i.e.:  Advertisements, business cards, letterhead, checks, fax cover sheets, flyers, brochures, etc.  There are also many banner advertisement exchange programs on the Internet you can get involved in, depending on the type of business you have.
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Will my website show in the top listings on the search engines?

We design your site from the start with the search engines in mind.  When finished, we submit it to the major search engines.  Depending on the competition in your industry, we may be able to achieve very good placement on the search engines.

However, if your industry has a great deal of competition, advanced search engine placement may be necessary.  These procedures take a bit of time and often resubmission is necessary, but we can usually get top 10-20 placement on many search engines - depending on the keywords.

The advanced search engine placement process usually takes an additional 10-20 hours, so be prepared to pay around $500-$1000 initially for this service.  The annual maintenance for changes and resubmissions to the search engines is billed at an hourly rate and is around $150 / year.  We will be glad help you achieve top search engine placement, but please remember this might take significant time and work to accomplish.
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How soon can I expect search engines to list my site?

The search engines can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to list your site.
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What's the earliest I can expect visitors to come to my site?

You don't need to wait for weeks for the search engines to kick in.  Press releases, publicity, banner ads, newsgroup postings, radio/TV, newspaper ads, and other marketing methods can help generate interest and traffic to your site.  We'll be glad to work with you on these other methods.
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How can I keep track of the visitors to my website?

If you use our hosting service you will have access to statistics that will tell you how many visitors you have had, what time they visited, what part of the world they are from, how long they spent, which of your pages they viewed, etc.  This is a service that is essential to promote and build a successful website.
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What about forms and guest books?  Can you provide these services for me?

Yes.  We can provide your site with questionnaires, surveys, order forms, guest books, hit counters, and clocks.  All as part of the content you select for your pages.  However, in some instances this may require additional charges.
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What about e-commerce, database connectivity and shopping carts?

We offer a full-featured e-commerce system with shopping cart and database connectivity.  Follow these client and demo site links to see what is possible:

Barry's Books, Bikes, and Birkenstocks

Fred's Hardware Store
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Hopefully, we have covered all your questions.  If you have any other questions, please contact us: Web Design Inquiry

Here are some websites that we have designed, consulted on, or hosted:


Cruise Odysseys


Branson Condo


Dr. Heller
Mental Well Being

The Original Digger

John Baker Jewelry

Optical Energy

Casa Caribe


Central Iowa Delphi Users Group


Brezner Consulting

USW Start Page

San Luis Bay Inn


Twin Galaxies


"My husband and I own a small hotel near Cancun, Mexico and have had our website with US-Webmasters since September 1999.  The website is our only form of advertising and it keeps our hotel booked solid most of the year.  Site creation and hosting fees have been very reasonable for the quality work and reliable hosting.  Almost every guest comments on how much they liked the site, how easy it was to use and how easy to find.  We feel we have the best website around and have compared it to lots of other hotel websites.  US-Webmasters has also been pleasant and reliable to work with which is important to us doing business from a very long distance.

     -- Patti Davis, owner Casa Caribe, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

"Thanks for everything you are doing for us.  We really appreciate it.  When we first looked at our site, we were tickled pink.  We were extremely pleased with the quality of the site for the money we paid.  We are so happy we ran across you to help get our condo rental business going.  We know so little about computers it is scary--thanks for explaining things so clearly so we can understand them.

We have been showing off the site to all our friends and family.  A fellow condo owner was a bit jealous when he took a look.  A computer engineer friend of ours also was very impressed.  We seem to be getting good placement with the search engines already.  Thanks, US-Webmasters.  We've been very happy with the work you've done--you've really gone the extra mile for us--we love our website!."

     -- David and Nadine Bieker, Branson-Lodging.org

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